Can I Quit Now?


I’m trying to talk myself out of thinking that I need another day off.  The little kid in me thinks that it’s recess time again.  I mean, come on—I just took a day off two days ago.  I keep wondering if maybe it’s time to retire the daily blogging routine and launch into my hummingbird act, zipping around to extract the juicy essence out of the next flower.

I remember a similar attitude many years ago when I reached a point after three months on a job of saying, “Okay, I’m done.  I’ve learned all I need to learn, done everything I need to do, been there, done that, I’m bored—time to quit and move on.”

The hasty response from the voice in my head was, “So what?  Now, can you stay and find a way to make it interesting?”  Sigh.  In keeping with my resolve to hang in there to learn what I must, I stayed for another five years and became a very creative, successful salesperson.  The hardest part of the curriculum was learning how to negotiate my way through the roller coaster highs and lows of working for a crazy lady whose assistants turned over at the speed of light.  What a ride!

My past experience in the workaday world includes both powerful, ego building jobs and humbling ego busters. Humble  No matter the form, each experience provided an incredibly rich opportunity to learn what there was to learn, to make the best of the worst.

Sometimes the lessons were obvious.  Sometimes not.  Sometimes it takes time for revelation to happen.

My varied jobs throughout my career have been some of my very best life teachers.  Blogging—though not a paying gig—is my current job.  So, yes, okay—I’ll stay and do my best to make it interesting, because I’m not done yet.  And by the way, my current boss is a whole lot easier to work for than the crazy lady with the runaway assistants.

Is it time to quit yet?  No, but recess is okay once in a while, too.  Just not today.

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