Push the Better Button

I always want to be better.

A better friend, a better person, a better being.

I always want to be better at one thing or another,

less focused on ego, less self-serving, less personality.

Clean out the clutter in my head, my closets, my computer.

Claim focus and clarity as my own, take better care of myself and 

listen for the sound of the still small voice within.

Listen, hear, do.

I look back at where I once was and where I am no longer,

a heavy smoker, a lover of wine, an overeater.

I marvel that those vices that once gripped me have somehow

magically departed my life without any help from me.

Decades of overindulgence were not healed on my own,

for clearly I have proven myself incapable of such 

transformation when left to my own devices. 

Somewhere buried deep within, we all have a Better Button,

inactive until that moment when we realize that

we are incapable of healing ourselves of the trials and

tribulations we face as humans on a journey toward wholeness.

There is an invisible button, ever available in times when we might lose

ourselves in frustration over uncontrollable urges that threaten

peace of mind, or in times of self-judgment,

when we think of ourselves as less than we truly are, 

in times when better seems an utter impossibility.

My Better Button has a name—it is called Willingness.

It is the miraculous ingredient that clears the way to effortless effort,

the magical, mysterious key that unlocks the door to transformation,

to the healing we cannot do alone, when there is nowhere else to turn.

Without true willingness, hope fades into oblivion.

Cigarettes, wine and overeating were once my best friends. 

I had to be willing to let them go, to release my attachment. 

I had to be willing to be willing to be willing.

One by one, each willing disappeared until there was only one left.

Then the miracle of transformation happened.

All it took was a Better Button and a little willingness.

Just imagine how a bit of both, a touch of faith and

and a lot of love might heal the world.

17 thoughts on “Push the Better Button”

  1. Without willingness, I’d probably still be hunkered down cigarette, wine, and jelly donut in tow, praying for liberation. lol! Thanks for the kudos though— the credit goes to the Better Button.

  2. Stunning and impactful, Jules. I love all of this because it’s actionable…and your words are encouraging and uplifting…while also conveying urgency. I especially loved this:
    “I had to be willing to let them go, to release my attachment.
    I had to be willing to be willing to be willing.”
    Thank you. What a beautiful meditation for a Monday. Grateful to you! 🥰🥰🥰

    1. Oh, dear Vicki, I thank you for your very kind words. The wonderful part about my experience of willingness is that once there was enough of it, I didn’t have to let go of bad habits. They let go of me. 🥰

  3. Oh, I love this, Julia! Especially, “Somewhere buried deep within, we all have a Better Button,”

    I’m with you on the cigarettes, wine and overeating. Amazing how that can melt away! And your conclusion that is willingness – absolute brilliance and inspiration! Beautiful post, dear Julia!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments dearest Wynne. Someone just asked ‘What’s next?’ There’s always something to work on, right? Eeks. Willingness needs to keep stretching itself on into infinity, huh? Jose Silva’s tag line, “Every day in every way, I am getting better, better, and better” comes to mind. What a great affirmation, if I can just remember to remember it!

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