Light is Winning

Greetings dear friends and fellow hope seekers! I could not resist blogging this powerful poem from an anonymous light worker because it lifts my heart and gives me hope. And let’s face it—who couldn’t use a healthy shot of hope during these dark and distressing times that we live in? I hope that you enjoy as much as I do.


You cannot see us, but we see you.

There are not weapons nor evil enough

To destroy the growing army of

lightworkers in the world.

We cannot be defeated by dark forces,

For in us there are no names, no faces.

We have no government to corrupt or destroy,

no one face that represents us.

There is no known target, for

we are everywhere.

We are unseen faces in a crowd,

quietly going about the business 

of living our lives and fulfilling 

our mission to shine light

into the corners and crevices of darkness

to expose corruption and injustice. 

You cannot destroy us because you cannot find us.

We are your nemesis.

How can you annihilate what you cannot see?

We are  invisible. We are invincible. We are inspired.

We are here, we are everywhere, we are strong.

We need no organization because

we are guided by the light and love 

of Wise Ones who have gone before us.

You may destroy our form,

but not our spirit, for we shall live on.

When one leaves more will come.

Another and another.

We are fierce warriors of light

committed to the mission of destroying the dark.

We will die that others might live.

We see you, we know you.

You can hide no longer,

for our light will expose your misdeeds 

and you will flee for your lives.

We are nameless and we are faceless;

we are young and we are old. 

We hide in plain sight, everywhere present.

You cannot see us but we see you.

The earth is our home and we its custodians.

We will protect it and keep it safe in the name of  love.

We are an army of lightworkers.

We cannot be defeated for we have already won. 

If you are among the fortunate,

 our light will transform you

and you will become one with us.

Written in the name of love by a faceless, nameless lightworker

Light Up Dark Corners

Buyer beware! What you are about to read—if you choose to read it—is unedited, uncensored, stream of consciousness stuff that bubbled up this morning as I sat myself down in my lazy girl, coffee in hand for my quiet time. You might love it, you might hate it, you might see bits of yourself in it, you might quit in the middle (I seem to be doing that a lot these days)—but in the end, I make my way back around the bend toward some semblance of sanity. Well, sort of.  (Begin rant)

Wow. Feeling overwhelmed. Serious sun flares happening. Dredging up pieces of my mind for me to see. Catalyst computer files. Made new one, moved it to desktop, it vanished. Can’t find it anywhere. My computer myself. A reflection of the disorderly state of my mind. A reminder that I don’t have myself in order. I need a remedial course in brain order. Distractions flood my days and things don’t get done. I’m behind on so much—phone calls to check on friends, blogs I’d like to write that disappear as fast as the vanishing file, catching up to do, volunteer work. It’s all a football field ahead of me. I’ll die with a disorderly computer. I’ll die with a disorderly mind. My computer, myself. Will I need an entirely new lifetime devoted to order? Maybe. Probably. On  the other hand, maybe my lesson in this life is to learn to live with the disorder and love myself anyway. Maybe it’s to focus on my strengths and not my weaknesses. But when my weakness stands in the way of my strength, it becomes frustrating and cumbersome. It gets in the way of me living my best life. (End of rant).

If sun flares and dark days are bringing up all of this turmoil within me—spiritually inclined soul that I am—whatever must it be doing to others who are not so inclined? Is this cause for the dreadful human behavior in the world? The shootings, the acting out, the road rage?

Is this why we are seeing such dark, ugly behavior? Is this why age-old deceit is rearing its head for all to see, giving us a bird’s-eye view of our choices in life—to decide whether we’d rather be ruled by the powerful, greedy money grabbers of the world, of if we’d like to stand strong and claim that power for ourselves? 

This morning, I was given a personally-tailored review of my own dark corners and I don’t like what I saw. Nope. Not for me. I may not be perfect in many respects, but when I shift my attention from the dark back into the light, I’m a whole lot better than I think. It’s time to wake up and redirect my energies back where they belong. Hanging out in the dark adds to the dark. Rejoining the light brigade strengthens the entire corps, not just for myself, but everyone else as well. 

Does this mean that as a conscious world citizen I am responsible  for the well-being of those who are struggling in the dark, who aren’t as fortunate as I am to know what I know? Is it my job to be my brother’s keeper? Must I carry him on my shoulders and claim him as my burden? Or can I help lift him from his struggles and fill his sagging spirit with light, love, and support until he is strong enough to walk on his own?

Oh, bring it on! Each uplifted soul uplifts another, and another. I take on the job joyfully, for every dear struggling soul who is able to catch just a tiny glimmer of light helps to light up the world. Am I my brother’s keeper? Yep. And he is mine. We’re all in it together because we are one.

From now on, friends, don’t be surprised if you see me take on a whole new intensified teachy-preachy attitude selling the power of LIGHT, LIGHT, LIGHT. Each individual glimmer adds to the whole, and when enough of us grab on and hold tight, the world will tip us all into a brand new adventure of light, love and joy. Hope and help are all around.

Oh wow—I just did a blog. Huh. How’s about that?! See what a little light in the dark corners will do? 

Before you go…..if you’d like to help spread light in a world in desperate need, please freely share this blog wherever you’d like.

Have a look at a few of the websites that shine a bright light into my world:


We Are One

Speaking of family, allow me to sing a few praises about a community of bloggers I’ve never met, nor likely ever will. I’ve spent most of my many years on the planet in search of like-minded souls with whom sharing from the heart is the main topic of conversation. Mostly what I have found is that surface chatter, small talk, and gossip usually rule the day.

In these times of world crises and uncertainty, it would not surprise me to learn that more and more people are searching for a safe place in which to share from the heart and find comfort among others who are struggling with similar issues. If you are one of them, read on. If you’re not, read on.

Finding just one such person in real life (IRL—I learned that from Vicki) is like finding a ginormous gold brick in the middle of a mud puddle. Bloggers, however, seem to have an uncanny ability to be magnetically drawn together in a clump in some mysterious, mystical way. I figured that there must be some gold out there somewhere—I just didn’t know where to look. My search finally culminated in finding soul mates inside my computer in a world of bloggers, far removed from the dense physical plane of in-person 3D reality. Allow me to introduce you to my favorite blog platform and its creators, Vicki and Wynne . . . 

The Heart of the Matter blog platform was co-founded by two of my favorite Wonder Women, Wynne Leon and Vicki Atkinson. Along with eight other lovable bloggers, Vicki and Wynne regularly contribute articles for Heart of the Matter readers. Together, this talented group of writers has created a growing community of caring souls who speak their truth in words that resonate with me on many levels. 


The Heart of the Matter banner reads, “Here we write and talk about inspirations….our journey to discover what matters most.” Humor, poignant experiences and relatable first-person stories abound in a space of openness, honesty, vulnerability and authenticity. What is nearly impossible to find in real life is alive and well within the virtual reality of a blogging community of like-minded souls. It is a pure delight to be a part of such a loving, caring group within the virtual world, and nearly impossible to find IRL. If you’d like to taste test the love fest, check out The Heart of the Matter


Wynne Leon is the extraordinary single mom of two, former courageous climber of very tall mountains, business consultant of techie things beyond my understanding, and author of the engrossing memoir, Finding My Father’s Faith”. Wynne, ever the Energizer Bunny, never ceases to amaze me. Her story of wandering away from the Christian family fold to find her own way on the spiritual path parallels the difficult road that I have also taken as I wandered away from my own Presbyterian upbringing. As the daughter of a devout Presbyterian minister, Wynne seeks and finds the unbreakable bond of love with her beloved father, and celebrates finding common ground in spite of differences. Wynne’s blog is Surprised by Joy.


Vicki’s resilient spirit shines through in her recent book, Surviving Sue.  Sue is an incredibly heartfelt, touching, and beautifully written memoir of Vicki’s life as the daughter of a seriously dysfunctional mother and developmentally disabled sister. Her ability to survive a broken childhood and emerge as a healed and whole human being is an inspiration and powerful testimony of her strength of character. I was sad when the I finished the last page, but glad that I can keep up with Vicki on her blog, Victoria Ponders.


I am beyond grateful to Vicki for writing an unsolicited, amazingly glowing review of my book“Voices: Who’s in Charge of the Committee in my Head?”. I didn’t pay her to do it, honest—but she did such a fabulous job that I suggested she consider a second career as a book publicist. Please read her review here. Vicki also wrote a pre-review of Voices which can be found on her blog,  Victoria Ponders.

(We interrupt this program to bring you an embarrassing little true confession. Do you remember reading that all things techie are beyond my understanding? In what appears to be a shameless act of self-promotion, all “Victoria” links point to her book review of Voices. I confess that I simply could not figure out how to link to the home page of A Heart of the Matter. I rest my case.) We now return you our regular programming…..

Now is a really great time on the planet to be looking for love. But if, like me you’re looking for kindred spirits and like-minded souls, you’ll need to look in the right places. So if you’re looking for love, look within first—you’ll find someone beautiful in there. And if you  need a little help from your friends (the ones you’ve never met), drop by and enjoy the daily lovefest at The Heart of the Matter

Who are we? We are family. We are one.