Light is Winning

Greetings dear friends and fellow hope seekers! I could not resist blogging this powerful poem from an anonymous light worker because it lifts my heart and gives me hope. And let’s face it—who couldn’t use a healthy shot of hope during these dark and distressing times that we live in? I hope that you enjoy as much as I do.


You cannot see us, but we see you.

There are not weapons nor evil enough

To destroy the growing army of

lightworkers in the world.

We cannot be defeated by dark forces,

For in us there are no names, no faces.

We have no government to corrupt or destroy,

no one face that represents us.

There is no known target, for

we are everywhere.

We are unseen faces in a crowd,

quietly going about the business 

of living our lives and fulfilling 

our mission to shine light

into the corners and crevices of darkness

to expose corruption and injustice. 

You cannot destroy us because you cannot find us.

We are your nemesis.

How can you annihilate what you cannot see?

We are  invisible. We are invincible. We are inspired.

We are here, we are everywhere, we are strong.

We need no organization because

we are guided by the light and love 

of Wise Ones who have gone before us.

You may destroy our form,

but not our spirit, for we shall live on.

When one leaves more will come.

Another and another.

We are fierce warriors of light

committed to the mission of destroying the dark.

We will die that others might live.

We see you, we know you.

You can hide no longer,

for our light will expose your misdeeds 

and you will flee for your lives.

We are nameless and we are faceless;

we are young and we are old. 

We hide in plain sight, everywhere present.

You cannot see us but we see you.

The earth is our home and we its custodians.

We will protect it and keep it safe in the name of  love.

We are an army of lightworkers.

We cannot be defeated for we have already won. 

If you are among the fortunate,

 our light will transform you

and you will become one with us.

Written in the name of love by a faceless, nameless lightworker

21 thoughts on “Light is Winning”

  1. 👏👏👏 Love this Julia! Thanks for sharing. Yes, light is winning as light always will, and yes, it’s good to be reminded! 🤗✨✨✨Have a light-filled day!🌈💞

  2. Wow….love every bit, but this most of all: “We are invisible. We are invincible. We are inspired.” Thanks for bringing the light and the joy, dear one! 🥰

  3. Such an inspiring piece. It makes me think about the shadow walkers – those who could walk either into darkness or into light – and our responsibility to guide them in the right direction. 🥰

    1. How did I make it this far along on my spiritual life without ever hearing the term, “shadow walkers”? It sent me off on a Google quest. Thanks for the upgrading of my education, Maggie!

      1. My term is probably not the same as the definition in popular culture, but the idea of someone who lurks in the shadows afraid of being seen by either side.

  4. I like your first definition best—I’m going with it! “…those who could walk either into darkness or into light – and our responsibility to guide them in the right direction.” But you’re right—there were a few that I might not like to identify with!

    1. Thank you so much for your thought-provoking comment, Jane, and thank you for your blog about this poem. You have provided some great food for thought and a wonderful opportunity for us to gather our lightwkrker selves together to increase the light to the world. I have always thought of my fellow bloggers on The Heart of the Matter as lightworkers, whether they know it or not! Stay tuned for later comments on your blog about Light is Winning. Meanwhile, I leave you with this quote from Abraham Hicks: “We are wanting to take you beyond the need to see it before you can believe it. We want you to understand that if you believe it, then you will see it.”

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