Light Up Dark Corners

Buyer beware! What you are about to read—if you choose to read it—is unedited, uncensored, stream of consciousness stuff that bubbled up this morning as I sat myself down in my lazy girl, coffee in hand for my quiet time. You might love it, you might hate it, you might see bits of yourself in it, you might quit in the middle (I seem to be doing that a lot these days)—but in the end, I make my way back around the bend toward some semblance of sanity. Well, sort of.  (Begin rant)

Wow. Feeling overwhelmed. Serious sun flares happening. Dredging up pieces of my mind for me to see. Catalyst computer files. Made new one, moved it to desktop, it vanished. Can’t find it anywhere. My computer myself. A reflection of the disorderly state of my mind. A reminder that I don’t have myself in order. I need a remedial course in brain order. Distractions flood my days and things don’t get done. I’m behind on so much—phone calls to check on friends, blogs I’d like to write that disappear as fast as the vanishing file, catching up to do, volunteer work. It’s all a football field ahead of me. I’ll die with a disorderly computer. I’ll die with a disorderly mind. My computer, myself. Will I need an entirely new lifetime devoted to order? Maybe. Probably. On  the other hand, maybe my lesson in this life is to learn to live with the disorder and love myself anyway. Maybe it’s to focus on my strengths and not my weaknesses. But when my weakness stands in the way of my strength, it becomes frustrating and cumbersome. It gets in the way of me living my best life. (End of rant).

If sun flares and dark days are bringing up all of this turmoil within me—spiritually inclined soul that I am—whatever must it be doing to others who are not so inclined? Is this cause for the dreadful human behavior in the world? The shootings, the acting out, the road rage?

Is this why we are seeing such dark, ugly behavior? Is this why age-old deceit is rearing its head for all to see, giving us a bird’s-eye view of our choices in life—to decide whether we’d rather be ruled by the powerful, greedy money grabbers of the world, of if we’d like to stand strong and claim that power for ourselves? 

This morning, I was given a personally-tailored review of my own dark corners and I don’t like what I saw. Nope. Not for me. I may not be perfect in many respects, but when I shift my attention from the dark back into the light, I’m a whole lot better than I think. It’s time to wake up and redirect my energies back where they belong. Hanging out in the dark adds to the dark. Rejoining the light brigade strengthens the entire corps, not just for myself, but everyone else as well. 

Does this mean that as a conscious world citizen I am responsible  for the well-being of those who are struggling in the dark, who aren’t as fortunate as I am to know what I know? Is it my job to be my brother’s keeper? Must I carry him on my shoulders and claim him as my burden? Or can I help lift him from his struggles and fill his sagging spirit with light, love, and support until he is strong enough to walk on his own?

Oh, bring it on! Each uplifted soul uplifts another, and another. I take on the job joyfully, for every dear struggling soul who is able to catch just a tiny glimmer of light helps to light up the world. Am I my brother’s keeper? Yep. And he is mine. We’re all in it together because we are one.

From now on, friends, don’t be surprised if you see me take on a whole new intensified teachy-preachy attitude selling the power of LIGHT, LIGHT, LIGHT. Each individual glimmer adds to the whole, and when enough of us grab on and hold tight, the world will tip us all into a brand new adventure of light, love and joy. Hope and help are all around.

Oh wow—I just did a blog. Huh. How’s about that?! See what a little light in the dark corners will do? 

Before you go…..if you’d like to help spread light in a world in desperate need, please freely share this blog wherever you’d like.

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15 thoughts on “Light Up Dark Corners”

  1. Your thoughts are my thoughts and your dilemmas are mine. We are a soul family bringing forth the light into the shadows hiding in corners and under the couch. The Light says, “‘Come forth and show your face”. And when they do, they melt away.

    1. So true, Mary. I think we’re seeing a lot of “come forth’s” these days coming at us from under couches and other not-so-sunny spaces—some of them being healed, some not. Our best shot is to light up our own dark corners and as we do, the light cannot help but infiltrate the space all around us. 👏☀️😎

  2. Oh, Jules…what a morning you’ve had. Unruly machines…that alone is reason for rage (and you’re not alone…Wynne will tell you…I had tech monsters messing up all sorts of things yesterday).
    I love this thought…this brilliant thought, “…maybe my lesson in this life is to learn to live with the disorder and love myself anyway.” I think I needed that reminder this morning.
    And then you add this, for good measure? “Hanging out in the dark adds to the dark.” Oh gosh…yes. Whether I’ve conjured the shadowy sh*t or it’s the madness in the world. Finding the light…yep…so much better, but it takes gumption and effort, doesn’t it? How about this — I’ll join you in the search. xo! 🥰

  3. Beautiful Julia, thanks a lot. I, too, think that we are all together in this, sharing our fate as one.
    BTW, if you took the lines of your brilliant rant and put them one below the other, you would have great lyrics for a song or at least a poem. 🙂

    1. What an interesting thought! It might end up being more telling than the original rant! Thank you so much for reading, and for sharing your thoughts. I’m adding you to my list of like-minded friends, and together we are making a growing and glorious army of light workers!

  4. I could not ask for a better partner-in-the light, than you, dear Vicki. You ooze your own unique brand of sunshine and it’s evident in your writing—especially “Surviving Sue” (available Eckhartz Press and Amazon, folks!). Sorry Vicki—I tried for a link but flunked. Just another part of a failed techie day, I suppose. More self-forgiveness coming my way! Much love to you!

  5. I love this reminder, Julia, because I am a Light-Bearer who has been ensnared by the shadows for too long!! Grateful for your words and for you.

    1. It can be really hard to get out of the shadows alone! We need all the help we can get—and aren’t we blessed to have each other—even if only on a computer screen! Together, we all add up to one very big, very bright light! Thank you for being the Light-Bearer that you are and for sharing your thoughts.

  6. To be a light-bear you have to know the darkness, and I think probably bless it too. Thank you for being such a blessing to many, dear Julia. 🌈🧚🦄💖

  7. I love your light, Julia. As you know, my word for you is luminescence so it fits perfectly. That you acknowledge both the dark and the light makes it so real and even more inspiring. Your point that hit me right in the solar plexus is: “If sun flares and dark days are bringing up all of this turmoil within me—spiritually inclined soul that I am—whatever must it be doing to others who are not so inclined? ”

    Whoa, what a question and way to think about it. It just goes to impress upon me further the need for all of us that are inclined to keep adding to the light.

    The other day I was at a night baseball game and they had everyone turn on their phone flashlights. I guess this is the modern version of the Bic lighter. But it was a beautiful sight. Thank you for coaching us all to turn on our lights, dear Julia!! <3 <3 <3

  8. Oh bless you dear Wynne! My granddaughters went to a Taylor Swift concert—65,000 people! At one point they all turned on their lights and what a sight it was. Thank you for turning on your beautiful light, and being the light that you are! The more of us who can amp it up, the brighter our light will shine. Now THAT will be something worth seeing! I love your shiny. It beams its way through your marvelous blogs. 🥰💕❤️

  9. While I’m not keen on having dark moments in my life I have come to understand that they allow me to find the light in my soul– and focus on it. It’s a small decision to not promote darkness, I am aware of it and will talk about it to gain understanding, but I focus on the light, what is good, not what is bad.

    1. Hear hear! From your lips to God’s ears! As daunting as those dark moments can be, they catapult us into the light. No fun for sure, but they do serve a purpose. The trick is to do exactly as you say—move on—focus on the good, not the bad, the light, not the dark. I keep trying to imagine what the world would look like if we all turned on our lights at once! What a glorious world it would be. Thanks for reading and sharing your comments, Ally.

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