We Created It, You know.

I stood propped in the corner of an elevator bemoaning my fate. The thought of having to haul myself out into the blazing heat for yet one more day of pavement pounding in search of sales was horrifying. Put me out of my misery. Just shoot me now. 

The elevator stopped to pick up Mr. FedEx man. A breath of fresh air, he was. Bright, crisp and clean. How does he do that, I wonder? My reply to his cheery ‘good morning’ was a gloomy “Yes. Well it would be if I didn’t have to go out and walk around inside a furnace all day. 

“Well we created it, you know.” Two floors later, the elevator door opened and he vanished as quickly as he appeared. When the door closed a light bulb went on. 

Well of course! Late winter had dragged on through May into mid-June. People were yearning for the beautiful, balmy weather of spring. Everywhere I went, I heard the same mantra: “When is it gonna get hot?” The collective cry was heard, and the universe kindly obliged by zapping us from late winter into a brutal, searing heat wave. Zero to a 100 in 30 seconds. This terminal heat wave was sucking the life energy out of people, and creating a negative pall in the air. It was palpable. I felt it every day as I walked into office after office. We were all victims of Mother Nature.

I wondered—if so many were repeating the same “When is it gonna get hot” mantra, could we have created a heat wave with our thoughts? If we change our thoughts, can we change the weather? 

I exited the elevator with new enthusiasm and purpose. Out into the blazing heat I went, determined to see what I could do to change the weather—or at the very least change the negative pall that was afflicting those I encountered throughout the day. 

I made it a point to visit as many offices as possible that day. I told everyone I met about my elevator encounter and my experiment to see about changing the weather. I parroted Mr. FedEx’s words, quickly followed by the suggestion that if enough of us put our minds to it, perhaps we could create the perfect weather. The suggestion alone was enough to uplift spirits and brighten outlooks.

And guess what? The next morning the world awoke to a beautiful, perfect, clear, bright, glorious spring day. Imagine that. 

Last night while trying to drift off to sleep, I thought about Mr. FedEx and my little experiment. I observed my mind as it catapulted from one meaningless thought to another and was reminded once again that I have dominion over my thoughts. It is up to me to decide what to think. What am I creating in my  mind? 

Imagine the power of thought. Imagine how the world would change if we were all on the same page and using our creative genius to envision a world of love instead of a world of fear. If we are powerful as individuals, imagine how unstoppable we are as a group.

Have you thought about your thoughts lately?

Can you think of a time when a belief or thought became a reality for you? I would love to hear about it in the comments section. Thank you for reading, and please share!

17 thoughts on “We Created It, You know.”

  1. Good morning, Jules…I love your FedEx man inspiration! I have no doubt that your enthusiasm as you moved through your day was a delight for everyone you encountered. You…sharing your abundant life force. I believe! And look at the outcome…a cooler day followed! 🥰
    I know for sure I can cast gloom and doom with my thoughts but I’m always looking for reminders to swivel my perspective…and the power of thought…toward the light. Thank you for the Tuesday nudge to do just that. Big hugs! 💕

    1. It can sure be a challenge to find the light amidst the gloom and doom in the world these days, right? We need all the reminders we can get! Thank you dear Vicki for shining YOUR light in the beautiful way that you do. You are a blessing to us all! 🌹💕

  2. Hmm. I definitely agree wholeheartedly with the concept of the power of good cheer, although, sadly, too many people are very successful spreading messages of division and hate. But I’m a little surprised at your interpretation of the FedEx man’s message. My immediate interpretation was that he was saying it’s our man-made climate change that has caused the extreme heat, plus all the other extreme weather conditions. But the impact from your efforts stemming from your interpretation was very positive. 😊

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Jane. It’s always fascinating to see through the eyes of others what I may have missed seeing through my own. I neglected to mention that this steamy experience took place so long ago that climate change was not even a glint in an activist’s eye. Ever the optimist, I always enjoy the possibility that messages from Higher Sources may be cleverly delivered through a billboard message, the words of a song, or a chance encounter with a stranger. Mr. FedEx was my messenger that day. He sent me into the world to spread hope, good cheer, and positive thoughts. I hope it’s contagious. Good cheer to you!

  3. Oh, I love the reminder that our thoughts are real. Especially this question, “What am I creating in my mind?” If we saw it that clearly, would we harness our thoughts more effectively? Would we be more careful if we believed what we thought?

    What an amazing story – and outcome. What could we do as a group? You are brilliant, bright and thank goodness you are helping to harness our power, Julia! <3 <3 <3

  4. Energy flows where attention goes, so when I remember that saying, I try to make sure my thoughts are going somewhere good. Of course, I often get derailed and my energy gets scattered. I’m human of course.

  5. Energy flows where attention goes. Always great to remember, and how quickly I forget! I’m trying to practice mindfulness, especially as I watch my thoughts wander away without me as I try drifting off to sleep. Unruly, they are sometimes! Thanks for the reminder!

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