Ironing Out the Wrinkles


Thanks to Professor Blog’s compassion in granting me a day off yesterday, life is back in some semblance of proper working order.   The ironing is done, my desktop is clear, and the cobwebs in the head are gone.  Balance and sanity are restored.  At least for now.

With iron in hand and mind in motion, I had an epiphany.   I don’t need to put pressure on the iron to get the wrinkles out.  I need only to guide it gently and let the heat do its work.  Life is so much easier when I don’t try to strong-arm my way through it.

My favorite blogs are the two that were written without applying blunt force to attack the job as if it was a permanently pre-wrinkled mess shirt.  The wrinkles smoothed themselves out with little or no help from me.  My faves are also the blogs that received a pretty fair positive response.  Day Off  That should tell me something, right?

Life is short.  Relax, enjoy, have fun, and don’t get all caught up in the unsightly wrinkles.

It’s amazing what a little time off will do.  Thanks, Prof.

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5 thoughts on “Ironing Out the Wrinkles”

  1. Dear Julia,

    I tend to unconsciously follow the ‘strong-arm’ approach so I hear you. I try to follow the Path of Sensitivity but it is an uphill slog. I’m a firm believer in the occasional day off so I am happy you got one. I appreciate your blog very much and wish you continued inspiration.

    Many blessings Julia, Ann

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    1. We’re slogging up the same hill, Ann! We can latch arms and trudge together. It will make it easier on both of us. Thanks for reading, your support, and kind words. 💕

  2. This is right on, sister!

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