Calming the Storm

It’s a challenge to find peace amidst the craziness of today’s world, have you noticed? This morning as I was doing my best to calm the storm roiling around in my head, I remembered a poem that I read a couple of years ago on the New Waves of Light website that brought blessed relief from the inner turmoil that threatens peace of mind. I share it with you with the hope that it might help do the same for you. These days, we all need as much peace as we can get, wherever we may find it. May your heart be filled with love and light.


Come and rest your mind, Dear One.

Rest and be still awhile. Let Us refresh you.

Let Us cleanse the window of your soul that you may see clearly.

Allow all that troubles you to slip away and create a void in which you may bask in quiet peace and be renewed.

Know that the void within is being filled with Love and Light that cannot be contained.

Allow it to flow out from you into the world around you, lighting everything that surrounds you.

This is the purpose of sitting in quiet stillness Dear One. There is nothing to be done but to become an empty vessel into which the radiance of the Universe can pour its light through you and be made manifest in you.

There is nothing to DO. Just BE. Rest and be still awhile.

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Me and My Marbles

My friends handed me an unexpected gift housed in a large white box on the occasion of nothing special. It weighed about three ounces, box, tissue, contents and all. After a brief shake of the mystery container, I concluded that it felt as if there was one marble rolling around in it. I was right. The tissue was the cozy nest of one lone marble. I guess they figured that I was just one marble short of pending insanity. They could be right. 

I promised that I’d save the gift, but when I tried to give them back the box, they insisted that I needed to keep my marble safely stashed away in the box so that I wouldn’t lose it—and I was to let them know where I had stored it, in case I needed help finding it later.   True, I’m beyond spring-chicken years old, and readily confess to being a little forgetful from time to time. But the same is true of my friends, and so I must ask myself—who among us hasn’t been pulled over in the loopy lane occasionally—particularly during these absolutely insane, mind bending, whacko times that we’re living in? It’s a wonder that any of us—even younger spring chickens—manage to hang on to all of our marbles all of the time.

I think we’re each entitled to a little forgetfulness these days, given all of the cosmic solar activity that has been bombarding the planet in an attempt to shake us awake to reality and raise our frequency whether we’re ready or not. No wonder we’re a little off. 

All of this off-ness reminds me that we have a choice about how we feel about the marbles that roll around our path and present themselves as life lessons. Are they welcomed, disregarded or looked upon with disdain? Are they received in love, with suspicion, or fear? Do we reject them, embrace them, or hide from them? Do we laugh or cry at the surprises and unexpected gifts that life puts before us? Can we stand back and simply observe without judgment? Can we accept whatever life throws at us with equanimity and good grace? Can we look beyond the apparent horrors that are happening in the world and recognize that perhaps they are a part of a divine plan to help us move into better world for all—and better versions of ourselves?  

Note to self: Buy a bag of marbles for friends who may need one.  

How lucky am I to have friends who help me keep my feet on the ground and love me enough to be sure that I’ll always have at least one marble, no matter what? Maybe that’s my job during these dark times folks—to do what friends and kind strangers do for one another—see a need and fill it, enjoy a laugh at our own human foibles, and reach out a hand in love to offer safe passage through this life of turmoil until we all arrive in the better place that we are promised—together as one.  Keep the faith my friends! The chaos will pass revealing a new world of light and love.  

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Light is Winning

Greetings dear friends and fellow hope seekers! I could not resist blogging this powerful poem from an anonymous light worker because it lifts my heart and gives me hope. And let’s face it—who couldn’t use a healthy shot of hope during these dark and distressing times that we live in? I hope that you enjoy as much as I do.


You cannot see us, but we see you.

There are not weapons nor evil enough

To destroy the growing army of

lightworkers in the world.

We cannot be defeated by dark forces,

For in us there are no names, no faces.

We have no government to corrupt or destroy,

no one face that represents us.

There is no known target, for

we are everywhere.

We are unseen faces in a crowd,

quietly going about the business 

of living our lives and fulfilling 

our mission to shine light

into the corners and crevices of darkness

to expose corruption and injustice. 

You cannot destroy us because you cannot find us.

We are your nemesis.

How can you annihilate what you cannot see?

We are  invisible. We are invincible. We are inspired.

We are here, we are everywhere, we are strong.

We need no organization because

we are guided by the light and love 

of Wise Ones who have gone before us.

You may destroy our form,

but not our spirit, for we shall live on.

When one leaves more will come.

Another and another.

We are fierce warriors of light

committed to the mission of destroying the dark.

We will die that others might live.

We see you, we know you.

You can hide no longer,

for our light will expose your misdeeds 

and you will flee for your lives.

We are nameless and we are faceless;

we are young and we are old. 

We hide in plain sight, everywhere present.

You cannot see us but we see you.

The earth is our home and we its custodians.

We will protect it and keep it safe in the name of  love.

We are an army of lightworkers.

We cannot be defeated for we have already won. 

If you are among the fortunate,

 our light will transform you

and you will become one with us.

Written in the name of love by a faceless, nameless lightworker

Light Up Dark Corners

Buyer beware! What you are about to read—if you choose to read it—is unedited, uncensored, stream of consciousness stuff that bubbled up this morning as I sat myself down in my lazy girl, coffee in hand for my quiet time. You might love it, you might hate it, you might see bits of yourself in it, you might quit in the middle (I seem to be doing that a lot these days)—but in the end, I make my way back around the bend toward some semblance of sanity. Well, sort of.  (Begin rant)

Wow. Feeling overwhelmed. Serious sun flares happening. Dredging up pieces of my mind for me to see. Catalyst computer files. Made new one, moved it to desktop, it vanished. Can’t find it anywhere. My computer myself. A reflection of the disorderly state of my mind. A reminder that I don’t have myself in order. I need a remedial course in brain order. Distractions flood my days and things don’t get done. I’m behind on so much—phone calls to check on friends, blogs I’d like to write that disappear as fast as the vanishing file, catching up to do, volunteer work. It’s all a football field ahead of me. I’ll die with a disorderly computer. I’ll die with a disorderly mind. My computer, myself. Will I need an entirely new lifetime devoted to order? Maybe. Probably. On  the other hand, maybe my lesson in this life is to learn to live with the disorder and love myself anyway. Maybe it’s to focus on my strengths and not my weaknesses. But when my weakness stands in the way of my strength, it becomes frustrating and cumbersome. It gets in the way of me living my best life. (End of rant).

If sun flares and dark days are bringing up all of this turmoil within me—spiritually inclined soul that I am—whatever must it be doing to others who are not so inclined? Is this cause for the dreadful human behavior in the world? The shootings, the acting out, the road rage?

Is this why we are seeing such dark, ugly behavior? Is this why age-old deceit is rearing its head for all to see, giving us a bird’s-eye view of our choices in life—to decide whether we’d rather be ruled by the powerful, greedy money grabbers of the world, of if we’d like to stand strong and claim that power for ourselves? 

This morning, I was given a personally-tailored review of my own dark corners and I don’t like what I saw. Nope. Not for me. I may not be perfect in many respects, but when I shift my attention from the dark back into the light, I’m a whole lot better than I think. It’s time to wake up and redirect my energies back where they belong. Hanging out in the dark adds to the dark. Rejoining the light brigade strengthens the entire corps, not just for myself, but everyone else as well. 

Does this mean that as a conscious world citizen I am responsible  for the well-being of those who are struggling in the dark, who aren’t as fortunate as I am to know what I know? Is it my job to be my brother’s keeper? Must I carry him on my shoulders and claim him as my burden? Or can I help lift him from his struggles and fill his sagging spirit with light, love, and support until he is strong enough to walk on his own?

Oh, bring it on! Each uplifted soul uplifts another, and another. I take on the job joyfully, for every dear struggling soul who is able to catch just a tiny glimmer of light helps to light up the world. Am I my brother’s keeper? Yep. And he is mine. We’re all in it together because we are one.

From now on, friends, don’t be surprised if you see me take on a whole new intensified teachy-preachy attitude selling the power of LIGHT, LIGHT, LIGHT. Each individual glimmer adds to the whole, and when enough of us grab on and hold tight, the world will tip us all into a brand new adventure of light, love and joy. Hope and help are all around.

Oh wow—I just did a blog. Huh. How’s about that?! See what a little light in the dark corners will do? 

Before you go…..if you’d like to help spread light in a world in desperate need, please freely share this blog wherever you’d like.

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As the World Turns

Life is like a soap opera, have you noticed? It becomes more fascinating, outrageous and unpredictable by the day. Take today’s episode, for example.

On March 22nd, Saturn is entering Pisces and Pluto is on the move. I don’t know much about astrology, but I hear that this is a huge, unprecedented cosmic event—like the first time in forever.

Okay, so I’m not an astrologer or rocket scientist. Clearly, the intricacies and complications of such fields of endeavor are best left to the erudite among you—I never claimed to be a good student.

But I am a serious student of the mysterious—intrigued by all things puzzling, strange and mystical—magnetically drawn to seek a peephole in the veil that prevents us from seeing the magic that awaits on the other side. But that pesky soap opera keeps blocking my view.

So what does all of this unprecedented, never-before galactic activity mean to us mere mortals who still fumble our way along through this earthly life? From what I see, read, hear and discern, this Saturnly romp into Pisces is a very big deal. There is remarkable conjecture about what will happen once this great planetary shift occurs—amazing miracles perhaps, like our bodies morphing from dense physical into light bodies needing no doctors, dentists, or roofs overhead. Wow. Wouldn’t I just love to not have to figure out what to wear tomorrow, or what to have for dinner? Or joy of joys, cross my dentist’s name off of my contact list? 

After sifting through the plethora of possibilities, I’ve finally settled upon something that makes sense to me. Will I wake up on March 22 like the emperor wearing only a new birthday suit of shimmering light? No? Rats. I was hoping. . . Well, heck. What’s for dinner?

My logical, non-astrological, unscientific self concludes that for those who have sleepwalked their way through life so far, the March 22nd solstice will simply be just another day. That’s it. Just another ordinary day.

But those who are awake and aware may sense, see, and feel a new reality that will amaze them. Imagine, for instance, awakening to a profoundly increased sense of the Divinity within, of oneness with all, a lighter body, a joyfulness, a lightheartedness, a  greater attunement to intuition and telepathy, a newly discovered ability to shift consciousness from the dense physical realm into one that exists beyond the physical eyes. 

This long-awaited increase in consciousness might not strike like a lightning bolt, but may silently creep into awareness, slowly, gently, day by day, moment by moment. If this miraculous metamorphosis doesn’t happen for you, take heart, have patience, allow for the possibility and simply observe. 

The portal will open, for all. Those with eyes to see will see. Those who prefer to remain as they are will do so, yet when they decide to wake up to the possibility of something greater, they will find the light peeping in through the darkness and when ready, will find their way onto the path of personal evolution.

This momentous shift has been likened to the apocalypse—it is a time to decide whether to hide in the dark and stay asleep or wake up and move into the light. Plain and simple. Our loving, forgiving Creator offers no punishment for choosing the dark, for the pain and suffering born of darkness is punishment enough. Eventually all eyes will open to the light and the lost will be found. 

We are told by wise Elders in the spiritual realm that we will soon be visited by The World Teacher, The Christ. It will be the end of an old story and the beginning of a new script.

Have you decided how you’d like this episode of the soap opera to end? As the world turns, what better time than now to decide which way to go. It is never too late to write a happy ending. I have! What about you?

Before you go, I am inspired by the courage of a soul-sister who candidly shares a portion of her own spiritual journey from darkness to light in her blog, Coming Out of the ShadowsIn it, she invites us to join in monthly conversations about “Living as a Soul as we Prepare for the The Coming One.” 

Saturday, 18 March ~ 8 pm GMT, 4 pm New York, 8 pm London, 9 pm Rome, 7 am Sydney (Sunday). To join monthly Circle Conversations, click on the link below. Also offered every Wednesday: Meditations for the Soul. For more information go to A Tree of Light home page.

Lost and Found

Tis the season ho ho ho. 

Yep—it’s the season of crazy-making, decision-making, cookie-making, of running myself ragged trying to get it all done, of waffling between the gift-giving debacle and the remembrance of the reason for the season. I struggle to find a healthy balance amongst all, but I seem to be losing the battle, most likely because my inner chaos is affecting my outer world. It’s really tough to resist the temptation to take to my bed and hide until it’s all over. Can you relate?

The first clue that chaos rules is that I lost a set of keys. For days I’ve searched. No keys. Then, insult was added to injury with the discovery that a second set has gone missing. It’s a good thing that I have a third set, or I’d be locked out of my life forever.

Clearly, all of this seasonal crazy-making has knocked me off kilter. I have been neglecting the thing that is most important in my life, the thing that keeps me sane, that stirs my heart, that feeds my soul. I have lost myself—my Self—in the holiday fray. It has taken its toll in the loss of both sanity and keys.

A basic tenet of A Course in Miracles is that forgiveness is the key to happiness. Perhaps my keys will miraculously reappear if I can forgive myself for all of my sins (aka my silly stupid mistakes), and refocus on what is truly important. But apparently, before that  miracle occurs, there is something I must learn. Or relearn because I forgot. 

Now such a notion may seem ridiculous, but trust me—I am quite experienced in the lost and found business. This is not the first time I have been baffled by the mystery of the missing, but I have discovered that as soon as I figure out what the lesson is, lost items simply show up out of nowhere. Sometimes, I think that they become cloaked in invisibility, or slip into another dimension temporarily just to be sure I don’t miss a rich lesson of some sort along the way. 

So this morning as I was muttering under my breath about my dual key loss (well, maybe loudly complaining is more like it) it dawned on me. It’s time to stop focusing on what’s unimportant in the overall scheme of things, and start zeroing in on the only thing that truly matters.  

Love, hope, peace, joy, faith, compassion, kindness, Truth, beauty, and the awareness that we are more than meets the eye. We are not our bodies, we are not our skills or talents, we are not our personalities, we are not who we think we are at all. We are so much more. We live in dimensions that we cannot see, perhaps where lost keys go to keep company with the part of us that sometimes seem to be missing—our soul. 

Sometimes I get lost in the belief that I am something other than who I truly am, and I forget to remember what is important; then I lose my keys along with myself. If past experience serves, they will magically reappear once I get myself back on track and aimed in the right direction.  

But what is it that I have really lost? As I gain the willingness to emerge from under the covers and look for the light, I discover that what is temporarily missing in my life is the joy of doing what makes me feel good about myself. It’s the happiness that comes from doing whatever I can to bring light and joy into the lives of others. Instead, I have allowed the hustle and bustle of the season, and the gloom and doom of our current world to blot out the light.

Henceforth and hereinafter, I declare a moratorium on doom, gloom, hustle, bustle, and all things unhealthy to the magnificent human spirit and the soul that dwells within. Henceforth and hereinafter I vow to do my best to spread light and joy to all—each and every one, in whatever form that may take. Today that form is a blog. We’ll see about tomorrow….

Finally, speaking of spreading a little light, I feel called to share something that I recently received that lifts my spirits and gives me hope as we negotiate these dire times. If you wish to check it out, here is a link: The Coming One.

I wish you all love, hope, peace, joy, faith, compassion, kindness, Truth, and beauty at this most blessed time of year—and every year hereafter.

With love , blessings and a PS: Maybe now that I have pushed the publish button, the keys will appear. Ya think?  🙏🙏🙏

Solar Power

Every once in a while I drift off into a fanciful, imaginary world in which I am the Sun. 

Here I am, my Sun Self, just hanging out in a state of eternal being, shining My light on every single life form on Planet Earth. Every creature, in every kingdom on Planet Earth, in every dark corner of the globe receives the benefit of my Divine Light in equal shares—the insects, plants, animals and all of humanity; the young, the old, the rich, poor, believers, nonbelievers, the good, the evil. Some embrace it, some reject it. Some revel, flourish and grow in it; yet others shrink from it.  

Many are fearful of what they may see and close Me out by retreating into a space of false security; they hide from the darkness behind a door of denial to protect themselves from fear of the unknown; they pull down the shades and sit in the dark, terrified of what might be revealed that they do not wish to see. Others turn on the artificial light of the ego and believe that what they see in the darkness is real. 

My light hides in plain view, clearly visible to some, completely obscured to others. Oh yes, there are often clouds, but to the awakened and wise, clouds are only a veil behind which the Truth abides. Nothing can hide the eternal light that blazes forth from behind illusion; it is ever available to those who seek. 

Every being on the planet, every single life form, is entitled to an equal share of life-sustaining light. It is a freely given gift to all, but accepted by only the few souls courageous enough to turn away from the darkness and seek the light within. 

It saddens me to the core of My being to think that so many choose to suffer in the dark rather than to open wide the window of their souls to let Me in and experience the beauty inherent within their own being. But alas, there is nothing to do but wait until the darkness causes so such suffering that a willingness to face the light creeps in to encourage a change of heart. When that moment arrives, I rejoice, for my purpose is accomplished and I stand ready to bless and heal with the eternal warmth of My loving rays.

I blink and my illusionary fantasy ends, and I see through a different set of very compassionate eyes.

As I awaken from my imaginary incarnation as the Sun, my focus shifts and my heart hurts. I think about how Christ might feel when I and others like me choose to hide from the light that He shines upon us. It makes me want to bow down before Him and beg forgiveness for my ignorance. But in Truth, I doubt that the Christ would want my forgiveness. I suspect that He would much rather have me wake up and fully embrace the Light that He so freely gives. Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do. May they see the light within and rejoice, for it is glorious in My sight.

May I flip the switch, convert Solar Power into Soul Power, and be glorious in His sight.

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