As the World Turns

Life is like a soap opera, have you noticed? It becomes more fascinating, outrageous and unpredictable by the day. Take today’s episode, for example.

On March 22nd, Saturn is entering Pisces and Pluto is on the move. I don’t know much about astrology, but I hear that this is a huge, unprecedented cosmic event—like the first time in forever.

Okay, so I’m not an astrologer or rocket scientist. Clearly, the intricacies and complications of such fields of endeavor are best left to the erudite among you—I never claimed to be a good student.

But I am a serious student of the mysterious—intrigued by all things puzzling, strange and mystical—magnetically drawn to seek a peephole in the veil that prevents us from seeing the magic that awaits on the other side. But that pesky soap opera keeps blocking my view.

So what does all of this unprecedented, never-before galactic activity mean to us mere mortals who still fumble our way along through this earthly life? From what I see, read, hear and discern, this Saturnly romp into Pisces is a very big deal. There is remarkable conjecture about what will happen once this great planetary shift occurs—amazing miracles perhaps, like our bodies morphing from dense physical into light bodies needing no doctors, dentists, or roofs overhead. Wow. Wouldn’t I just love to not have to figure out what to wear tomorrow, or what to have for dinner? Or joy of joys, cross my dentist’s name off of my contact list? 

After sifting through the plethora of possibilities, I’ve finally settled upon something that makes sense to me. Will I wake up on March 22 like the emperor wearing only a new birthday suit of shimmering light? No? Rats. I was hoping. . . Well, heck. What’s for dinner?

My logical, non-astrological, unscientific self concludes that for those who have sleepwalked their way through life so far, the March 22nd solstice will simply be just another day. That’s it. Just another ordinary day.

But those who are awake and aware may sense, see, and feel a new reality that will amaze them. Imagine, for instance, awakening to a profoundly increased sense of the Divinity within, of oneness with all, a lighter body, a joyfulness, a lightheartedness, a  greater attunement to intuition and telepathy, a newly discovered ability to shift consciousness from the dense physical realm into one that exists beyond the physical eyes. 

This long-awaited increase in consciousness might not strike like a lightning bolt, but may silently creep into awareness, slowly, gently, day by day, moment by moment. If this miraculous metamorphosis doesn’t happen for you, take heart, have patience, allow for the possibility and simply observe. 

The portal will open, for all. Those with eyes to see will see. Those who prefer to remain as they are will do so, yet when they decide to wake up to the possibility of something greater, they will find the light peeping in through the darkness and when ready, will find their way onto the path of personal evolution.

This momentous shift has been likened to the apocalypse—it is a time to decide whether to hide in the dark and stay asleep or wake up and move into the light. Plain and simple. Our loving, forgiving Creator offers no punishment for choosing the dark, for the pain and suffering born of darkness is punishment enough. Eventually all eyes will open to the light and the lost will be found. 

We are told by wise Elders in the spiritual realm that we will soon be visited by The World Teacher, The Christ. It will be the end of an old story and the beginning of a new script.

Have you decided how you’d like this episode of the soap opera to end? As the world turns, what better time than now to decide which way to go. It is never too late to write a happy ending. I have! What about you?

Before you go, I am inspired by the courage of a soul-sister who candidly shares a portion of her own spiritual journey from darkness to light in her blog, Coming Out of the ShadowsIn it, she invites us to join in monthly conversations about “Living as a Soul as we Prepare for the The Coming One.” 

Saturday, 18 March ~ 8 pm GMT, 4 pm New York, 8 pm London, 9 pm Rome, 7 am Sydney (Sunday). To join monthly Circle Conversations, click on the link below. Also offered every Wednesday: Meditations for the Soul. For more information go to A Tree of Light home page.

27 thoughts on “As the World Turns”

    1. What a blessing it is to realize the importance of the choices we make. I’m choosing to think that more and more are making wise choices, Art! Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

      1. I agree, Julia. I’m so happy for you! Yes, I think it’s very similar to carefully choosing what programs we desire to install into a computer–they’re going to play out as our apparent life circumstances. “The mind is the creator of everything:” – from “The Law of Success,” by Paramahansa Yogananda.

      2. A perfect analogy, Art. It makes me think of the words of a song, “Our thoughts are things—be careful what you’re thinking…” 🎶

  1. Dear Julia, thanks for the link to my post. I agree with you that the shift will be more momentous for some than for others. It all depends on our vantage point, where we stand in relation to heaven and earth, with life and life ever-lasting. But one thing is true, it’s all part of the Great Adventure, living on planet Earth. If and when you morph into a non-physical being, I hope you’ll still come around to visit us from time to time and whisper greetings! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. I doubt that I’ll be going very far without my like-minded friends. I’ll look forward to seeing you there and going on sight-seeing adventures to enjoy all the beautiful things that we’re missing while we’re here! 💕

    1. The more the merrier, Rosemary! I seriously doubt that you fall into the sleep-walker category, so I’ll look forward to seeing you beyond the veil! ! Thank you for reading!

  2. This is such a beautiful and glorious post, Julia! I love this: “But I am a serious student of the mysterious—intrigued by all things puzzling, strange and mystical—magnetically drawn to seek a peephole in the veil that prevents us from seeing the magic that awaits on the other side.”

    What I’m so drawn to is how we can point out to others to notice the magic. And you do a beautiful job of it. Someone people, and I’m thinking of you, dear Julia, are wise, intuitive, and aware enough to be able to ignore the soap opera to see the real show. Thank you!

    And I think your birthday suit is already one of shimmering luminescence… Beautiful post and presence, Julia!!

    1. My goodness Wynne, what kind and gracious words you share. Whatever you see in me is but a mere reflection of your very own beautiful self, dear friend. Your light shines brightly to lead the way for others. Thank you for your brilliance! 🥰

  3. Your post fills me up with light and love, Julia! Intuitiveness…magic…awareness…more, please! Thank you for all of this! 💕💕💕

  4. Thank you, dear Julia, for another uplifting missive! Wonderful link to the otherblogger’s site … joy.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment, Judy dear, and thank you for reading. There are some truly amazingly lovely bloggers out there—I enjoy finding them and sharing their messages when it seems appropriate! 💕

  5. Dear Julia, Reading your post on this auspicious day leaves me with a big smile. Thank you for helping us across this threshold with such wisdom, love and joyfulness.

  6. Thank you so much dear Nancy, for a comment that leaves ME with a big smile. And what a happy day it is indeed, as we cross the threshold into a more joyful and loving world. Finally! The day has come! I am truly blessed to have such beautiful traveling companions.

  7. Beautiful post Julia. To ignore the soap opera and pay attention to our actual reality is no easy thing. But the rewards for doing so are infinite. 🙏

  8. Thank you so much for reading my blog, for your comment, and for following Voices, AP. It is lovely to join with others as as part of the blog “family”, and I truly do appreciate the connection. Welcome to my soap opera! I always try to write happy endings.

  9. I, too, feel like a big shift in energy is coming our way. I hadn’t sat down to articulate my thought, but you do it so well here that I don’t need to. Intuition + awareness + a bit of belief can go a long way as we all just walk each other home, as Ram Dass said.

  10. Thank you for reading and commenting, Ally! And thanks for reminding me about the wonderful, heartwarming, comforting, statement from Ram Dass about walking each other home. It conjures up an image of walking hand-in-hand with like-minded souls together toward a destination that exists, but which we cannot yet imagine. We’ll get there—once enough of us reach out to grab a hand..

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