The Light Dawns

Okay, so let me tell you about my yesterday. 

It started with a pre-dawn 0’dark thirty meeting after a scant three hours of sleep. From there it slid downhill and crash landed into a multiple tangle of tasks with deadlines that jumbled together like stew in a pot, resulting in a day spent careening from one misstep to another at warp speed.

I invited people to attend meetings on incorrect dates, then had to send out corrections to the corrections. As brain fog gathered a head of steam, I couldn’t figure out where to file which version of what draft, resulting in multiple frantic searches of lost work and embarrassed apologies to recipients. There was more, but mercifully, my brain has taken pity on me and blanked them out.

The crowning blow was a confounding glitch in my computer that kept popping up in the middle of whatever I was doing to halt and/or wipe out what little progress I had made. The prospect of having to spend another ninety minutes on the phone with Apple troubleshooting the problem for the fourth day in a row loomed large in my mind. Oh Lord have mercy on my poor beleaguered soul.

So how was your day, dear?

Happily, today started on a brighter note, with a good night of sleep and a deep dive into gratitude knowing that yesterday is over and today will be better. As the bliss of gratitude began to settle in, it slowly dawned on me that maybe yesterday’s misadventures were a test. There’s just nothing like a little pop quiz to wake me up and take me on another stroll down Self-Inquiry Lane.

And so it begins. How am I doing on the road to enlightenment? Where am I on the journey? Did I have control over my mind? No. Did my emotions get the better of me? Yes. Was I rational? No. Was I frustrated, angry, or judgmental over all of my self-perceived shortcomings? Yes, yes, and yes.  Did I let my  mind and emotions get the upper hand? Oh, you betcha!  Oy what a day—to say that it was humbling would be a gross understatement. Her Royal Crankiness blasted her way through the door of insanity and ruled the day.

Now that yesterday’s misadventures are in the rear view mirror, I can look back, and see it as  gift to show me where I need improvement—and enough self-awareness to recognize where I went astray and make a vow not to do it again. Well—I might do it again, but with luck I’ll catch myself in the act and make in-flight corrections before I get too far out of hand. 

A morning that started at 0’dark thirty resulted in a day that saw me bumbling and stumbling along searching for the light. Then in a flash of aha-ness, it dawned on me that my dark yesterday was a microcosm of how life is when I wander around asleep to the recognition of the Truth of who and what I am. As I go, so goes the world.

The words in the meme above say: “The growing light of awakening souls is transforming the darkness of our world.” For me, that simple statement boils down to just one thought: “The darkness of the world is transformed when I wake up.”

Whoa! Powerful words indeed. The more awake and aware I am to the reality of my soul and the love within, the more darkness is transformed. As I contemplate this thought, I realize that as members of the human family, we are solely responsible for bringing about the changes that we would like to see. As I change myself, the world changes along with me. As I shine my light in the darkness, the light expands exponentially and the world becomes a brighter place.

Again, I ask myself where I am on my journey to enlightenment. Am I awake? Am I doing my part? Are there bits and pieces of myself that need a bit of readjustment, realignment or reevaluation? Do I need a bit of tweaking to get myself back into proper working order?

And again, I answer yes, yes, yes to all of the above. The process of awakening can be a daunting and sometimes scary trip. Yet to make the decision to wake up and take the first step onto the path of self-awareness is the most important, and ultimately the most joyful and rewarding decision one can ever make.

Just imagine—when enough of us decide to flip the switch from dark to light, from asleep to awake, the wonderful new world that we are promised will become a reality sooner, rather than later. The darkness of the world is transformed when we wake up. Just imagine!

Full disclosure: The yesterday of which I speak was actually three yesterday’s ago. I’m just a little slow on the take.

To support your journey into the light, see “You will see things that will amaze you”— messages from The Coming One

21 thoughts on “The Light Dawns”

  1. I can identify so much with your experience. I really appreciate the aspect of gratitude that you share and your emphasis on the power of our light. I plan to sit with your questions. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for reading, and for sharing your thoughts, Rosemary. As intensifying planetary light increases, I find it bringing up some aspects of myself that can use a bit of housecleaning. Just as I think I’ve got one thing “fixed”, something else pops up that needs mending. Ah, the joy of personal evolution. A fascinating and never ending journey. Blessings!

  2. The Foibles of Julia. Thank you for making light of it and making me smile! I’m not alone — someone is there with me, tripping up or temporarily losing the thread. Thank heavens for sleep and waking up the next day to try again. These ‘new waves of light’ can make for a choppy sea! Or should I say ‘see.’ Thank you for showing yourself — for it makes me see myself better! 🙏💗🌹

    1. As challenging as the “trip” can be, it is a joy to know that others are there with us as we stumble and fumble on our the way. Hands and hearts to hold to help us along! Thank you for being one of them. 💕

  3. Dearest Julia…goodness and oh my! What a wild ride. The anxiety was seeping outward – leaping off the screen – and I found myself trying to absorb all of it (hoping to lessen the impact on you?) but when I read this: …”a good night of sleep and a deep dive into gratitude knowing that yesterday is over and today will be better. As the bliss of gratitude began to settle in, it slowly dawned on me that maybe yesterday’s misadventures were a test. There’s just nothing like a little pop quiz to wake me up” I knew you’d done the work yourself! Nothing like a pop quiz to shake, rattle and roll us toward awareness. But my…it’s not pretty. Hope you’re taking the time to breathe and reset. Love and hugs, love and hugs! 🥰💖🥰

    1. Oops Vicki—it looks as if my reply to went awry. It’s in here somewhere, starting with “Oh my indeed.” And the joy of confusion lives on. And on, and on, and on . . . LOL

  4. Oh my indeed. You are so right on so many levels. There’s nothing like a pop quiz to shake, rattle and roll us into awareness, and no, it’s not pretty! As challenging as it is, though, I wouldn’t change a minute of it, if it gets me where I want to go—even in spite of the little ouchies along the way. The company along the way makes the journey a lot easier though—thanks for tripping along on the road to your own awareness. Together, we’ll light up the world! 😀 Blessings my friend!

    1. Yes, I guess as long as we’re all still human, we’ll continue to share the same experience in one way or another, at one time or another. Thank you for your comment, and for sharing a part of the experience with me!

  5. Wow, wow, wow – you are a bright shining light for the world and our self-awareness. I love your line, ““The darkness of the world is transformed when I wake up.” Yes! And what a great pop quiz that I’m running through right now noting all the places I can do better.

    The illumination and connection between real sleep and just sleep walking is brilliant. You have brightened my path with this post. Thank you, dear Julia!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment, my awesome friend. I really appreciate your affirmative feedback. Isn’t wonderful that we have the opportunity to light the way for each other? Thanks so much to you and Vicki for creating this space for us all to enjoy each other’s company—no matter where we are on the path? 💕

  6. Many thanks for another light-filled blog, dear Julia. This powerful message, laced with humor, brings smiles of recognition of the universal path we are travelling together. The journey to enlightenment becomes all the sweeter through your insights and words.
    With love, Nancy

    1. Dearest Nancy, you always say the kindest things. Thank you for a taking timeout to read my mind ramblings, and for traveling down the universal path with me. Your presence makes the journey “sweeter through your insights and words.” Bless you! 💕

  7. Oh yes, Julia, I can relate!! Hopefully tomorrow will be better. And yes, I have a ways to go. Thanks for the perspective. With thanksgiving and love to and for you, Nancy

    1. I can’t tell you how happy it is to know that I am in such good company. It just goes to show you—we’re all in this thing together, aren’t we?! With much love and gratitude to you

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