Teams and Dreams

This morning at 7:15 as I was peacefully settling into my meditation, I heard the sound of a very large engine idling noisily outside my window. I ignored it for a while, testing my ability to maintain focus on my own business.  But when I could no longer stand the curiosity, I had to see if it was an ambulance or fire engine—if perhaps one of my friends or neighbors was soon to be carted off to the emergency room.

On one hand, I was relieved to see that it was only a large delivery truck; on the other, the rules police in me took over and I called a member of the board of directors to report the infraction. No deliveries are to be made through the building lobby. Ever. Period. 

The person involved might be a new homeowner unfamiliar with the rules. Or, perhaps a current resident who doesn’t give a rat’s patootie about rules and chooses to ignore them. Or maybe it was all just a massive misunderstanding between homeowner and delivery person. Either way, it needed to be addressed lest it spiral out of control and/or serve as permission for others to go thou and do likewise.

Well phooey. So much for peaceful meditation.

My mind takes me off into the world of conflict, self-doubt, and self-judgment. Did I do the right thing? Should I have done that? Did I rat out a friend or create hard feelings between the parties involved? Was it any of my business in the first place? Do I need to apologize to someone, or ask for forgiveness? How many apple carts did I upset with my seemingly well-intended meddling? Certainly, some apples fell out of my own cart.

Oh but wait! What is wrong with this picture? What thoughts am I allowing to dominate my mind? What am I creating?  Oops. I think I’ve got the emPHAsis on the wrong syLABle again. Is this the reality that I want to create? No. I prefer to make peace, not war.

Just prior to my self-inflicted curiosity disruption, my mind had taken me to the wonderful illusory world of the New Age that we are promised. (Some may call this woo-woo thinking, but I choose to think of it as something wonderful that’s waiting for us just around the bend). But alas, the interruption yanked my mind away from the wonder of New Age thinking, and the role that we, the people of the planet, might play in getting us there. 

Curiosity satisfied, I am free to resume my dreaming. Ahh. Just imagine…we are part of a team that is building a bridge to span the chasm between humanity and unseen helpers in the spiritual realm. Hands reach out from behind the veil to help those with newly-blossoming soul awareness and open hearts to walk joyfully toward a better life. We walk together with wide-eyed wonder and childlike awe as unfathomable beauty unfolds before us, and we sense a magnetic vibration drawing us toward our destination. 

I ask myself what thoughts I have harbored that stood in the way of my willingness to cross the bridge. What took so long? Why did I wait?”? My wondering is replaced with a sigh of relief, gratitude, and a sense of, “Oh, thank God—fear and darkness have been replaced by a world of light, love, harmony, peace, cooperation, balance, trust, and joy.

Each vision, each thought or imagining, no matter how great or small, will move us all one step closer to the dream. We are the designers, architects, and builders. We are fashioning a new world according to our own specifications, one mind at a time. The only building tools required are imagination, an unwavering belief in our ability as co-creators, and a desire to be a member of the team.

Sometimes, when I’m not exactly sure about what I want, it helps to figure out what I don’t. This morning provided a wonderful example along with a reminder that every experience contains a gift, no matter how painful at the time. I don’t want misunderstandings, self-doubt, hard feelings, unfriendly encounters or internal turmoil. I want peace, both inner and outer. As our world crumbles beneath us and serves up unfathomable pain and suffering, I imagine that many others feel the same way. The good news is: it’s within our purview and power to create anew.

Let us join forces and wait no longer. Let us don our creator hats and get busy in our minds creating the vision of a world we’d like to inhabit. Let us rejoice in the miracle that will happen when we realize that together we are a powerful force to be reckoned with. Join the Dream Team and together we will create miracles.

Happy 2023 everyone. May we raise our hearts and souls to a better year and a better world.

BEFORE YOU GO . . . If you’d like to explore more about helping to dream up a new reality, let’s talk! Meanwhile, you may enjoy a look at the websites below.

A Tree of Light offers the following programs: Meditations for the Soul and the Community Forum Coming One shares a powerful message to humanity from the Spiritual Hierarchy.

20 thoughts on “Teams and Dreams”

  1. What a beautiful reflection, Julia. I love your statement that every experience contains a gift. And your clear-eyed dream of “I want peace, both inner and outer. Amen!!

    Such a wonderful reflection of the light that you are always shining! And I would have interrupted my meditation to look at what was idling outside too. 🙂 Happy 2023 dear friend!

    1. Ah! Sisters in curiosity! I love knowing that I am in good company! Thank you for your very kind comments, my friend. And I’ll see and raise your “Amen” to peace. Amen to that!

  2. Dear Julia, I love getting your blogs. They keep the spiritual path real. It is “in the trenches” of life that we learn our greatest lessons. And yes, The Coming One website contains fascinating material from on high. Readable and profound. Thanks for all you do, Nancy Kelly

    1. I’ve been noticing the trenches getting deeper recently with many experiencing newly-minted mental, emotional and physical issues. Gosh—it behooves us all to do our best to keep our sunny sides up these days, not just for ourselves, but for those who are struggling as well. To echo your thinking, the deeper the trenches, the greater the learning—though it isn’t always a fun gig! Thank you for reading and sharing.

  3. Join the Dream Team…and together create miracles? I’m in! I love all of what you shared, Julia – inclusive of the use of the words ‘patootie’ and ‘phooey’ in one post…endearingly wrapped up in a message of hope. Thank you for sharing…big hugs! 💕

    1. Speaking of dream teams, I think that you and Wynne should consider renaming your brand new baby blog “The Dream Team”. That’s what it is and you are! I love the content, the positive input sprinkled with humor and wisdom and the unbelievably wonderful writing talent that entertains, enlightens, uplifts and informs. Thanks y’all! What a great gift.

      1. Oh goodness…I’m about to jump into a meeting with Wynne and I can’t wait to share that with her, Julia! I think the title fits — but only if you continue to be a charter member of our little burgeoning baby! Much love to you for the delightful endorsement. It means more than you could know! 💕

  4. I like your take on life, how it can be better. I agree there are gifts everywhere IF we’re open to envisioning them as such. Happy New Year!

  5. I love your honest writing style dear Julia, always reflecting wisdom, sprinkled with a dash of humour! For those who haven’t read it yet, “The Coming One” is profound and timely. Thank you for sharing.🌺

    1. Thank you Alithea! I appreciate your lovely comments! Yes, The Coming One certainly does offer some really thought-provoking content, doesn’t it—along with some inspiration and hope for these dark days!

  6. I’m feel’in it! Thank you Julia. The way you express your conscious reflections is so wonderful and catching and inspiring. 💗💐 A joy to read.

  7. Such a lovely comment Nancy. Thank you so much! And hey, friends and fellow bloggers, you may want to check out Nancy Wait’s FB page for some gorgeous artwork and commentary thereon!

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