Whispers and Shouts

Uh oh—I’ve caught myself red-handed in the act of doing it again. I succumbed to the avoidance of all things unpleasant by escaping into Netflix instead of doing something worthwhile with myself, like picking up a book or a pen, or helping a friend in need. Darn. Is that because there is so much unpleasantry swirling around these days that I’m desperate for an escape route to help block out the misery? Well, at least I haven’t sunk low enough to get caught up in watching a continuing plethora of depressing news. Thank goodness for that

A blog by Donna Guillemette, Learning Discernment – A Crucial Skill, inspired me to stop and look at my recent failure and listen to my inner guidance. It’s hard to listen to my gut with headphones blaring external noise in my ears. There is a Voice in my head that says, “This isn’t the best use of your time.” Right. I know that. But I ignore it and turn up the volume on the headphones. I guess I’ll just keep on avoiding until I can’t stand it any more, or until I can no longer abide the idea that I’m wasting precious time on something that serves only to help me stay asleep. But still—who can blame anybody these days for wanting to do whatever it takes to avoid the ugliness going on in the world?

How many escape routes exist for our avoidance pleasure? Hmm—let me count the ways. Movies, addictive TV series, reading, food, partying, smoking, thumb sucking/space staring (my personal favorites), hobbies of all sorts, alcohol, drugs, gardening, exercising—you name it. There really isn’t any activity, no matter how apparently healthy or unhealthy, that cannot be used as an escape mechanism. Trust me, I know. I’ve employed darned near all of them throughout my decades on the planet. Oh—except physical things that risk bodily harm, like scuba diving, mountain climbing, parachuting, and hang gliding. I never said anything about not being a coward.

To quote a friend, “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing”. But when the “doing” reaches a level of becoming harmful to body, mind or spirit, it is time to wake up and listen to the whispers. My spirit is crying out for liberation from headphones and asks instead that I listen to the oh-so-trusty and reliable Voice in my head that speaks Truth in my ears. The whispers invite me to turn off Netflix, put down the remote, turn on the computer, and start writing again. My faithful Voice never scolds, admonishes, judges or threatens. It lovingly suggests. How I respond is up to me.

Today I finally decided to listen. This is the first blog that I have written in nearly two months. Why? Because I was in pause mode, wondering what I could possibly have to say that is new, different, or better than what anyone else has already said, or who knows more, or is more experienced, wiser, or smarter than I am. With libraries filled with thousands of volumes on the same subject, why bother? What I have to say hasn’t already been said hundreds of times before? 

Again, my true-blue Voice speaks up and suggests that there are others who feel the same way I do, and would be comforted by knowing that they are not alone. As I exchange my TV remote for my computer mouse and write my Truth, perhaps others may find their way past what they believe is true in the world, and into the awareness that the only Truth that exists lies within the sanctity of their own soul.

Running away into the fake shelter that hides behind a TV screen does not provide the peace, happiness, and joy that can only be found within the quiet comfort of the soul. That sense of connectedness with my Self comes only when I step out from behind the screen and acknowledge that I need something more. I need to find my soul, and do whatever it takes to get myself back to the Truth within. Sometimes “whatever it takes” can be the start of a long inner journey that may seem daunting; it takes great courage and determination to set foot upon the path of personal growth, but the end result is worth the trip because a contented soul is the ultimate reward. 

The following quote from Facebook (apologies to the unknown author for lack of acknowledgement) says it all: “I am not a body, I am not this skin. I am the soul that lives within.”

The journey to the soul gives new meaning to the phrase, “Wake up and smell the roses.” As each new soul awakens, a new petal of the rose unfolds and the world becomes a more beautiful place for all. 

The world is awaiting the call of your soul. Please listen to the whispers, wake up, and bloom into the beautiful Self that you truly are. There is a galaxy of souls cheering you on and supporting you on your journey.

A sanctuary for my soul is A Tree of Light http://atreeoflight.org, and your soul might enjoy a browse through my soul-searching book, Voices: Who’s in Charge of the Committee in my Head? available on Amazon.

18 thoughts on “Whispers and Shouts”

  1. Absolutely beautiful, precious and needed, Julia! I love your beautiful writing and the wisdom of discernment. May we all bloom according to your call. Love seeing your writing again!

    1. What a lovely words from the Queen of the Wisdom Blog! Thank you so much Wynne. Your comment truly fills my heart, and means a lot. And yes, I’m happy to see my writing again too. It has been too long!

  2. Clarity! Good for you! Wish I had the courage to express myself with such clarity. However, at the moment all my emotions are wrapped in sadness. That’s a story for another day.

    1. Thank you Judy. I’m sending bright light and clarity your way, and the prayer that sadness will soon fade off into the sunset and be replaced with joy.

  3. Julia, I’m so glad you’ve moved away from the pause button! It’s great to hear your voice again. I’ve missed it! You have so much light to share ✨✨✨💗

    1. Thank you so much dear creative Nancy. It feels very good to be back after such a long hiatus. Writing restores my soul, as does reading all of the wonderful blogs by wonderful friends.

  4. This is a helpful blog Julia, everyone can identify with wanting to escape and the truth of the fact there is no real escape. Thanks for your words.

    1. You’re welcome, Linda, and thanks for yours. I’m not sure how Houdini, did it, but my fake escape tactics never seem to work. The only safe escape is inside.

      1. Thanks again, Julia. Your predicament is mine, as well. In fact, I’m working on a blog right now called “Can These Bones Live?” May I reference your blog?

      2. Absolutely—it would be an honor. I love the blogging community—it gives such a feeling of connectedness to people i’ve never met—yet all the same beautiful souls under the skin!

  5. Sometimes I too wonder what is the point of writing something that has already been said again and again (maybe). And yet the inner voice keeps pushing. I feel like we are keeping the flame alive, passing it on to others, as if we were tendering some sacred fire in an ancient temple.
    It’s great to have you back!

    1. I love this: ” I feel like we are keeping the flame alive, passing it on to others, as if we were tendering some sacred fire in an ancient temple.” Yes, if feels as if we’re on a mission, compelled to keep the flame alive to help light the way for others. It’s wonderful to come upon other fire-tenders along the way—so many of us showing up in the form of bloggers. Thank you for shining your light.

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