Baring my Soul

It feels a bit risky to make an out-loud bold profession of faith to the world at large about my personal beliefs, but I am going to take my heart in my hands and do it anyway. My proclamation should come as no great surprise to my very dear and loving ministerial family members and Christian friends who, I imagine, are already skeptical of my nontraditional spiritual proclivities. I also suspect that their suspicions may lead to prayers for the salvation of my soul. 

We all have our inner truth. Mine does not fall within the mainstream mindset of traditional religion. In my own mind (and perhaps in the minds of those who know and love me), I am a questionable Christian at best, and quite honestly, that’s probably sugar coating it. The truth is, that though raised a Protestant, I’m not sure that I can call myself a Christian at all, but I suppose that would likely depend upon one’s definition of Christian.

I confess that when I saw the above image of the Lord of my Heart standing in the clouds with His arms outstretched waiting to embrace me into the warmth of His love, I felt that I was being welcomed home. I want to sit forever at the feet of the Master and inhale his love, compassion, and wisdom. That’s the only thing in the world (or out of the world) that is truly worth wanting.

Now I ask you—does this mean that I am a Christian? Does it mean that I am not? Does it really matter?

What matters to me the most is that we—you, me, humanity—discover for ourselves the spark of divinity that dwells within our hearts. In my eyes, each one of us is a piece of creation that is the soul, and that one soul erases any sense of separation that divides us by the belief that we anything less than That.

In his blog Think2wice, R. Arthur Russell writes in his article, With:

“As this relates to billions of persons who are struggling to get along with one another, while living their apparently separate lives, the solution is deceptively simple: We must realize our Oneness. Who, realizing That which we truly are, would be prideful? Who, realizing That which we truly are, would be unwilling to forgive? . . .   We must clearly know—not just believe—that all persons of various colours, creeds, and nationalities are but apparent variations of the One. Thus, when we look at one another, we see our spiritual brother and sister.”

Does it really matter if we find the spark of divinity between the pages of a written text, or within the walls of a building, or within the heart? It matters only that we find it—not where. In my nontraditional understanding, Jesus the Christ dwells wherever we are.

I believe that He lives within the heart of every one of us who seeks to find Him, and that He patiently waits for us to discover that truth within ourselves. I believe that the sooner we—you, me, humanity—recognize that magnificent truth, the sooner we will be released from the hellish life that we are now living, and be set free to roam around in Paradise and live happily ever after.

If you haven’t already, please consider the wee possibility that maybe, just maybe each one of us does not just have a soul: we are a soul—yes, even the ones who bug us the most! Science has proven that we are energy, we are consciousness, we are connected. If we recognize and identify ourselves as souls rather than personalities, we will connect our one piece of the puzzle with the One Great Soul of which we are all a part.  

Once we manage that, we’re home free. We’ll slide gracefully from one world into the next with our eyes wide open, and be dazzled by the beauty, harmony, and love that will be our new home—a home we might call heaven. It all begins within our own heart.

Though my knowledge of theology and science is about equal to my skill as a techie, in my limited world of understanding, Christ comes bearing many names. In my world, his name is Love. I doubt that He cares very much about what we call Him—just that we call.

If we build it, He will come. When our hearts are constructed of love, we will experience a collective move out of hell into heaven. I’m ready! Are you?

PS: If you haven’t already, you may like to enjoy the comforting shelter of A Tree of Light website: It truly is reassuring.

Oh—and please check out Voices: Who’s in Charge of the Committee in my Head? (Now available on Amazon and numerous other sites noted on Google).


18 thoughts on “Baring my Soul”

  1. Beautifully written and stated, Julia! I love “In my world, his name is Love. I doubt that He cares very much about what we call Him—just that we call.” Yes!

    For me, I suspect church is about being part of a community but how we believe is very individual. My dad at the end of his life said that he was a big tent person – meaning it didn’t matter what door you came in, just that you came. I call myself a Buddheo-Christian but suspect none of these labels matters.

    Love this beautiful post and inspiration for my morning!

    1. I replied to your lovely comment soon after it appeared, but I see that for some reason it didn’t connect! Thank you so much for your kind thoughts, Wynne. I’ve passed on your dad’s “tent” comment and your Buddheo-Christian leanings to a couple of people since, and both speak wonders. Thanks so much for sharing! Blessings!

  2. Dear Julia, Thank you for putting into words what you understand and believe to be true. It is very close to my understanding and is truly comforting and uplifting. Thanks for your courage to be who you are and to reveal it to the world. It can light the way for others, and bring healing to many. With love, Nancy

    1. If indeed it helps to light the way for others and bring healing to many, then the baring is very worth it. Thank you for your affirming words Nancy. They are much appreciate. With love to you too!

  3. Thank you dear Julia for exposing your beautiful soul to us all. You expressed yourself so wonderfully that I indeed see you as a soul sister. Love and many, many blessings to you. Ann

    1. It is always such a pleasure to hear from YOUR beautiful soul, Ann, but I miss seeing your beautiful face. Thank you for your very kind comments. With many blessings and much love!

  4. Julia, I resonate and agree with so much that you have written, thank you for sharing your beautiful, and heartfelt thoughts. I wish I were so eloquent.

    1. Isn’t it glorious to see how our puzzle pieces fit together to make a gorgeous whole? You have so many beautiful skills and talents that I I don’t — but as ONE with all, we are a beautiful tapestry. What a blessing! Much love to you Andrew.

  5. Dear Julia, you put it so beautifully, thank you for the courage to bare your soul, thus you give courage to others to do the same. I too share your believes. Thank you so much too for sharing the website A Tree of Light where I found much comfort and reassurance. Much Love.

  6. Thank you for this statement from your soul. Years ago, someone wisely predicted that the last aspect of private life to come ‘out of the closet’ would be spiritual beliefs that don’t conform to mainstream beliefs. But every person who has the courage to openly state their inner truth lights another candle and gives courage to others to do the same. And we begin to see the many faces of living spirituality. Thank you for this service, dear Julia.

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