Courage and Compassion

This beautiful, uplifting and inspiring poem was written by Leslie Stubbs. It is a blessing to travel the path of light with Lesley and her sister.


My sister lights a peace candle.

Invisible currents make it dance,

Flickering and flaring both

As hope does

Beside TV images of war,

A Ukrainian mother prepares to give birth

In a subterranean bunker,

A Ukrainian businesswoman does gun training

With her new-formed female squad,

A Ukrainian grandmother serves tea and pastry

To a captive 18-year-old Russian soldier

Bartering his release upon his own Mother coming for him.

When the Ukrainian President says “I am still here”

And when ordinary citizens swear

They’d rather die fighting off

The long shadow of Putin For their children’s sake

They wake the heart of the world.

And every courageous action,

Every compassionate deed,

Every risky protest on the street,

Every meditation for Peace,

And every dancing candle,

Send ruby flaming arrows of Love

Into the chalice of the Heart Of the Soul of humanity.

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10 thoughts on “Courage and Compassion”

      1. So beautiful, dear Julia. This poem stirs the heart with its compassion and hope. Thank you for posting it.

      2. Bless you dear Nancy. It truly does stir the heart and brings the hope and vision to see beyond the appearance of chaos and crisis into the beauty of a new future that is being born in the midst of it all. 🙏

  1. Thank you for being the bridge for this soul message to all of us. It fills me with love and the will and surrender to add my soul light to help bring about transition.

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