It’s Never Too Late

In the infancy of a new year, there is always a lot of talk about goals, have you noticed? I  flunked out of Goal-Setting 101 long ago once I realized that in my world, goals are a lost cause. I don’t know about you, but lost causes are not good for my self-esteem.

Yesterday I watched myself slide through the day substituting small, mundane tasks for the big ones that make me truly happy—the ones that move me one step closer to the achievement of my desires. Sometimes it feels like a gigantic accomplishment just to finish a nagging little job that gets shifted from one day to the next, but those mini accomplishments don’t bring much joy at the end of the day when my head hits the pillow. Mostly, they’re just con jobs that I pull on myself to make me think that I’ve accomplished something really worthwhile.

My wise mother lived by the philosophy that she had wasted a day if she did not complete at least one task that she would not ordinarily do in the space of one day. For her that could be polishing the silver, or letting a hem down for a growing daughter. For me, it might be writing a blog, or taking one step in the direction of the shameless promotion of my new book, Voices: Who’s in Charge of the Committee in My Head?

To all appearances, yesterday’s activities (or lack thereof) didn’t exactly catapult me any closer to the achievement of my heart’s desires, but they did at least regenerate an interest in revisiting what those desires are. That may not be much, but at least it’s a start.

By the way, if you happen to be a member of the senior set like me, it might help to remember that we’re never too old to dream. Grandma Moses started her career as an artist in her 70’s. My mother married the love of her life when they were both in their 80’s and soon after, they sailed off into the sunset on a European honeymoon leaving the rest of us in the wake of their joy. My joy came last year when, in my 80’s, I published a second book—18 years after the first. It’s never too late to start something new.

But that was then, and this is now, and what will I do today to make my head happy when it hits the pillow tonight? How about if I write a blog? Or maybe do a bit of book promotion? Oh no! That’s the part that makes me want to stick my head back into the sand. My head prefers a pillow.

Well, today I wrote a blog, and maybe even snuck a teensy bit of book promotion into the mix. I’d say that I killed two-birds with one stone, but since I would not feel good about dusting off a couple of innocent birds, I’ll just say that I checked a couple of to-do’s off my list that hadn’t even made it onto the list.

Ah. My head and I will rest happily tonight.

Now, I’d like to ask you a question. If you were to do just one thing today that would make you happy tomorrow, what would that be? I’d really like to hear your thoughts about that! If you feel so inclined, please share in the comments section.

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P.S. If you’d like to have a look at my new book, please press here. I’m not sure if I’ve aced Links 101 yet, but if not, you may need to click twice.  There’s always something new to learn—at any age, right?

12 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Late”

  1. Thank you Julia. I love your posts. Try ‘feeding two birds with one cracker’ next time 💛

  2. I so enjoy the way you write with a mix of wry humor and truth. And, I would never have guessed from your writing that you are in your 80’s! How wonderful an inspiration and a hope for me at 62. I really appreciate your mother’s definition of making a day count. What shall I do today that will make me happy tomorrow? Start organizing my poetry for a chapbook!

    1. I appreciate your very your kind comments, Rosemary. Thank you — and thank you for responding to the “what would make you happy” question. Your lovely poetry deserves to be in a coalesced into a very special place!

  3. To make me happy tomorrow, I would write a note to a dear friend who is recovering from a serious health crisis that landed him in the hospital a couple weeks ago.

    1. Yesterday’s tomorrow is today, and I wonder—did you make yourself happy today? If so, I’m certain that you also made a dear friend happy as well! Happiness is contagious! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. I love this line, “My joy came last year when, in my 80’s, I published a second book—18 years after the first. It’s never too late to start something new.” Impressive and inspiring, Julia! And I love your mother’s yardstick of accomplishing one thing she normally wouldn’t do in a day. What a great way to think about accomplishment. Thanks, Julia!

    1. My mother was a pretty impressive lady and a great role model. Here I am, in my 80’s, and still trying to be like her when I grow up! 😉 Thank you so much for your very kind comments, Wynne, and for reading Voices. I’m looking forward to reading more of Surprised by Joy!

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