Cookies, Cream, and Gratitude


Life is full of challenging little obstacles, have you noticed?  Miraculously, I’ve jumped over the blog-a-day hurdle, but as it turns out that was the easy part.  In this age of technology, my next obstacle is to figure out how to solve my current problem of feeling like a ghost, thanks to my inability to communicate with readers and bloggers.   Meanwhile, until I get around to actually doing it, I will continue to suffer through the agony of dysfunction and blunder my way through, hoping that the problem will somehow magically solve itself.  Good luck with that.

I have this feeling that I’m living life in a blog vacuum because every attempt at being in touch with fellow bloggers is stymied.  I can see you and hear you, but you hear nothing from me in return.  I know that you’re out there somewhere, reading, commenting, liking and following—but my responses go unheard.  Clearly, there is something seriously amiss in my relationship with the WordPress platform, and until I get it resolved, I’ll be living life out here in the ghost lane all by myself.

I’d like to fix the technological problem, mind you, but I need the incentive and a little willingness to get me past the objection stage.  It’s like that go-to-the-dentist feeling again.   I don’t really want to, but if I am to gain the benefit, I must be willing to suffer a little pain.  Rats.  Maybe the degree to which I suffer relates to the depth of my willingness.  If it’s really worth it to me, I’m all in.  If not, most likely I’ll turn and run the other way.  So my ask myself, is it worth it?  Am I willing to do whatever it takes to solve the problem?  Maybe.  Eventually.  I guess that all depends on how much I want what I want.

I once spent a zany afternoon at the pig races.  Yes, pig races.  I loved watching all of those adorable pudgy little pink piggys whip around the track in hot pursuit of the cookies and cream waiting for them at the finish line.  Clearly, those little cuties had everything they needed to get what they wanted, and they were going for it, full steam ahead.

It’s never easy to sit myself down and do the hard stuff, but eventually I’ll reach a point where it is harder not to do it than it is to just do it.  Willingness is the gun that shoots me out of the gate.  Without willingness and incentive, the finish line is forever away.  For now, at least I’ve made it into the chute, waiting for the starting gun to blast me out onto the track.  It may be a while before it does, but it will go off sooner or later and I’ll get there.  Eventually.

Meanwhile, until eventually happens dear readers, likers, and followers, please know that I appreciate you beyond words and thank you so much for being there.  Even though you may not see me or hear from ghostly me, I am, in fact here and thanking you—as the little girl accepting a big award once said—from my bottom to my top.  I hope that you will see me soon.

Bring on the cookies and cream.




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