Learning Lessons in Real Time


I just spent a couple of hours writing today’s blog.  I put the finishing touches on it before pushing the publish button, then accidentally pushed the delete button instead.  Shoot me now.  It was all about how everything happens for a reason and that there is a lesson that can be found in every unhappy, unfortunate situation.  Well now.  Didn’t I just give myself the opportunity of a lifetime to practice what I preach?  Back to square one.  Sigh.

Fellow writers and bloggers, can you relate?  Lesson 1:  Save.  I knew that, but I flunked Save.  Some of us are slow learners.

So I suck my heart back up out of my stomach and begin again.  Okay, so where was I?  There was something about learning from my mistakes, about wrenching my elbow out of joint while trying to extract my foot from my mouth, blah blah blah.

It was about converting miseries into miracles.  I felt pretty good about it too, and even managed to find a link to add (a shortcoming, you may recall) but now alas, poof—it’s all gone.  Maybe with luck I can find a new link to the thing about links.  Stay tuned but don’t hold your breath.

Meanwhile, like the kid in the room with all of the manure, I know that there must be a pony in here somewhere.

Well I’m just going to have to fumble my way through this one till I find a point, or come to an end, or figure it out, or giggle my way through this cruel twist of fate, or maybe suss out a lesson, or learn to get by on a hum, a wing, and a prayer.  You know—resort to your basic stream-of-consciousness stuff.  What can I say?

One of the things that I’ve learned along the way is that by the time I’ve pushed the publish button, I feel as if I’ve put in a whole day’s work and it’s only 9:00 a.m.  I’m done.  It’s breakfast first then nap.  Like I always say—we get to repeat our lessons until we learn them.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.

It would really be cool if the missing blog suddenly reappeared like magic but I doubt that’s going to happen.  But the miracle that I was talking about in the missing blog was about finding compassion, love, healing, and happy endings in the midst of what I call the miseries, those life situations that make you want to pull the ostrich act and run off in search of sand into which to stick the head, kind of like now, this moment, when I’d like to run off and stick my head under the covers.

Well so here’s my question to myself.  Have I learned anything here (besides push the Save button, I mean)?  I don’t know about that yet.  It’s a little too soon.  Maybe I’ll figure it out later.  Or not.

Maybe it’s just about another lesson in letting go, and going with the flow, of being okay with the way things are, of loving and forgiving myself in spite of my silly foibles, of making the best of whatever the situation is.  The deleted blog took a lot of time and thought.  This one was whipped off in about ten minutes and was a whole lot more fun to write.  Don’t know about you, but I enjoyed the process.  Hope you enjoyed the read!

Ta ta for now.  Off for my nap.

Note:  The photo above is courtesy of New Waves of Light, a website designed by anonymous individuals around the world who share the intention of bringing light and love to a world of darkness and chaos. (newwavesoflight.org or NWOL.us).

10 thoughts on “Learning Lessons in Real Time”

    1. Hi Julia Preston for your philosophical posts. I learn so much from them, beautiful Soul. Have huge healthy hearty hugs as abundant Love and Light sooth your sweet soul.

      1. Your kind thoughts are what makes writing worth doing and —clearly they come from a lovely, gentle angelic soul. 😇 Thank you.

  1. Loved this Jewels…and since you mentioned “miseries…”

    One does not hear that term much anymore. During my one year in the convent, the Big Nun (as we kids labeled the older important sisters) in charge of us would caution is against complaining. Her mantra was: “Don’t be one of the ‘Oh my God the misery!’ girls.”

    To this day, when we get together (and I remain close to many of my former convent pals), when we inquire about one another’s life, the question is always posed as: “Is Life making you one of the OhmyGodtheMiserygirls?” Yes, all one word. It does tend to lighten life’s burdens somehow.

    Why am I bothering you with this triviality when you are busy pondering life’s larger questions?

    ‘Tis just where I am I suppose. Here sending you “Attagirl!” cheers and encouragement to Keep Writing! You are clearly on a roll! love, ginny

    Ginny Daly 202.420.9550 5401 Potomac Ave NW, WDC 20016 7 Tidewater, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing”


    1. I can always count on you to pop up with the perfect anecdote, my friend. Love it! To which I shall simply reply: May miracles replace miseries before they find a home in the heart and head. Sending much love!

  2. Julia, as usual, your writing brings a smile to my face and a warm feeling in my heart. Thank you for being you, and sharing yourself with us in this way. With love…..

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