Tip Toeing into a Brand New World


I seem to be verging on the edge of spiritual activism.  Verging, I say, because the thought of actually being one is a little scary.  Well, maybe a lot scary.  Activists can be extreme, bold, in-your-face obnoxious, and they can be shot and killed for all of their radical good intentions.  So yep—the thought of becoming one scares me.  There are days when I think that it might be part of my “assignment”, but mostly, I think that I am too much of a chicken to even think about it.

And yet—and yet, there is also a part of me that says, “Yes, but it’s time.  Somebody’s got to do it, and why not you?”

The world is in a state of chaotic turmoil and is crying out for help.  We need something to grab ahold of that will help us make it through these difficult times with faith enough to know that we’ll be okay, that we’ll survive, and that in the end, we’ll all be better off for it.

Meanwhile, there are bills to pay and there’s a world of suffering out there.

So maybe I’ll put my big toe in the water to find out how it feels to be an activist.  Maybe if a big fish doesn’t come along and snack on it for lunch, I’ll stick my whole foot in.  Maybe one day I might even gather the courage to dive in head first.

Why would I risk doing such a thing at the expense of catapulting myself out of my comfort zone, I wonder?

The world is beginning to wake up.  Evolution is happening before our very eyes.  We are all in it together.  It is happening now, and if there is any doubt about that, we need only look around.  The natural outcome of evolution is change, and though change is never looked upon with great favor, each and every one of us is doing exactly that.  We’re waking up and growing up.  We are all sharing in the painful birthing process that will bring forth a new and improved world.

So am I a budding activist or a midwife?  Or both?  Maybe if I redefined spiritual activist as one who shares good news and brings messages of hope, it wouldn’t be scary.  I can do that.  There is no role for fear in the face of good news.

Either way, I sense a growing need for the newly awakening to have the strength and assurance that there are unseen hands ready to help as we take our first tentative steps into a new and unknown world.  Maybe we just need to know that the waters of the new oceans are safe and there will be protection from the big fish.

All we need do is close our eyes, place our faith in the unknown, and be aware that in spite of appearances, all is well.  Now is the time to trade in fear for love and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are all in good hands.

Did you hear that Julia?  The water is safe.  Just walk your talk and dive in head first.

Yikes.  Okay.

All right everybody, grab my hand and hang on to your hats because we’re gonna ride this scary roller coaster together.  And when we make it safely to the end and splash down into our brand new world, we’ll all rejoice and yell, “Whee—what a ride!”

Note:  The photo above is courtesy of New Waves of Light, a website designed by anonymous individuals around the world who share the intention of bringing light and love to a world of darkness and chaos. (newwavesoflight.org or NWOL.us).




5 thoughts on “Tip Toeing into a Brand New World”

  1. I was able to sit and read several of your blogs this morning. Thank you for your authenticity and realism! I appreciate the continuing struggle between what we should do, want to do, can do, and just won’t do! ❤️

    1. Thanks for reading Shannon! We are SO on the same page with the doing, being, and well, you know. . . (if I could get my emoji’s to work, you’d have a smiley face and a couple of hearts here!) Love you!

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