Defining the Undefinable


As I was pondering the mysterious, unfathomable nature of God, two thoughts came to mind.  The first is my need to examine my concept of who or what I think that God is.  Just as I have a need to define ego and personality for purposes of my own understanding—though such definitions may be far afield from the establishment—I also dig deep within myself  to try to fathom the depths of what God is so that I can understand my relationship to him.  Or her.  This too may be far afield from theology.

When in search of a pronoun for God, I often use the word It rather than he or she because I believe that God is neither masculine nor feminine, nor does It have a long white beard.  God is pure energy, infinite intelligence, all pervading love.  God is the glue that holds the universe together.

There may well be as many definitions, descriptions, and names for God as there are people on the planet, many of whom also seek to solve the same mystery for themselves.  Just as it helps me to define my personal understanding of personality and ego (The Seeds of Learning), I also search for an understanding of God as It relates to me and my life.

Spoiler alert:  My conclusion may sound blasphemous, but here it is.

In my early years as a Truth seeker, I often puzzled over how it could be possible for God to hear my one small voice amidst so many billions of others around the world also clamoring for attention.  How could such a thing be possible?  After so many years of questioning, I finally realized the answer.

God is not One.  God is All.  God is energy divided up and lovingly installed into the heart of every single living creature on this planet.  God is the source of every aspect of my being.  It is my creative energy source; It is what lives me, breathes me, moves me, fuels me, teaches and guides me, blesses and heals me.  God is hiding a piece of Itself within every cell of my body.  It lies patiently awaiting my recognition and acceptance of It. even though I sometimes turn my back and walk away for a spell.  Yet It is always there.  But am I?

My personal definition may defy reason, logic, and theology, but for me, it solves the eternal mystery of how God hears my small voice among so many others.  Right or wrong, it works for me, and that knowledge is elixir for my soul..

The Divine Spark of God is right here with me for now and forever.  My only job is get myself out of the way long enough to clear away the manure that is clogging up the channel of communication.

I know there’s a pony in here somewhere.  All I have to do is dig deep enough and I will  find it.  Note to self:  There’s no time to waste, so giddy up.

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4 thoughts on “Defining the Undefinable”

  1. I always think of ‘it’ as nature. That word solves it for me. We all came out of slime and gradually …..There is no one guiding us or leading us – but out own ‘nature’ which encompasses good and evil and it only science which can save us. i.e. to get rid of the evil which is in our DNA and genetics. Love,Vivian


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