What Do You Believe?


“We are never more than a belief away from our greatest love, deepest healing, and most profound miracles.” – Gregg Braden

Good morning my dear Friends.

I’m slipping already!  Only eleven days into my new Voices gig and already I want to give up.  When will the reluctance go away—or will it?   What is this resistance, anyway?  Can we talk about that?  I mean, I guess it all boils down to self-doubt, again, right?  As much as I’d like to think that I have my act together, apparently, I don’t, and that’s hard to admit to myself.  Rats!  I feel as if I have been given a mission-impossible assignment that I’m not comfortable with.  It brings up issues about how others see me, and how I see myself.  I get that others think of me is none of my business, but what about what I think of me?  I’m the one who has to live with myself.  When does this merry-go-round of self-judgment end?  When can I get off?  What do you want from me?

We want your joy and your happiness.  We want you to love what you are doing.  We do not ask you to do anything that will make you feel unhappy or uncomfortable.  We simply offer ideas, suggestions, and opportunities—“assignments” as you like to call them—that will move you closer to your heart’s desire.  Whether or not you choose to accept them is entirely up to you.  If you feel that something you have chosen to do is too much for you in the moment, you are free to change your mind, but in so doing, we encourage you to do so without self-recrimination.  We wish to remind you of guidance that you received many years ago when you were struggling with a decision about whether or not to leave a job in which you were miserable.  Do you remember what that guidance was?

Absolutely.  It left a lifelong impression.  “If you can stay and be happy, then stay, for there are many profound lessons to be learned.  If, on the other hand, you stay and cannot be happy, then, by all means leave, for to stay in a place where you are not happy is not beneficial to your or for anyone else.” 


I made a decision in favor of my heart’s desires and stayed for another five years.

So basically, you shifted your belief system from seeing your job as a miserable experience into thinking of it as an opportunity to take another step forward on the ladder of evolution, correct?

Yes.  Eye upon the donut and not upon the hole.

And the donut?

The donut was the long-term benefit of hanging in there in spite of the difficulties.

And the hole?

The killer pavement pounding, the crazy boss, the unreasonable demands.

Are you willing to apply the same guidance that you received so many years ago to the daily writing and publishing of Voices?

I can do anything one day at a time because by the inch it’s a cinch.  Self-doubt is just another role, another part I’m playing—a character that isn’t real but simply a story made up in the mind of some scriptwriter to create an illusion of insanity.

I am not the character.  I am the actor playing a part.  And you know what?  I really am quite sane, in spite of any appearances to the contrary!  At least that’s the story that I’m telling myself for the moment.

It’s all about belief, right?

Yes.  It is absolutely all about belief, and if it helps any, We want you to know that in spite of what you or anyone else thinks about you, We believe in you and We love you.

Note:  The beautiful image and meme are courtesy of New Waves of Light (nwol.us).

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